Indoor Pools

Natatoriums, also known as indoor pools are specially designed for the healthier lifestyle and to get an escape from a busy schedule. We design the indoor pools according to the area and the taste of the client to serve them according to their convenience. Apart from Natatoriums, we also design for schools, clubs and universities; the manufacturing of the equipment is done as per the client’s information. Serving the best quality, we tend to serve the utmost satisfaction that lies in the budget of the client’s given target.

Indoor Pools Products

Outdoor Pools products

Outdoor Pools

When it comes in terms of fitness and health, outdoor pools play the most important role. The outdoor pool is designed as per the client’s approach and despite of the complexities, we are here to serve by every mean. Our outdoor pools are designed for resorts, hotelsand for the leisure activities. The filters and the other equipment used in our pools are manufactured and designed by the expertise and the fittings are done by the professionals. The maintenance of the equipment is conducted often for proper hygiene.

Pool Finishes

A fine and neat pool is finished in three ways: 1. Plaster 2. Pebbles 3. Quartz. Most commonly Plaster and Quartz is used as first preference by the clients and Pebbles are considered as one of the upgraded options which is provided as per the client’s request. The finishes of the pool can be customizable according to the need of the client. The pool finishes are majorly done for the outdoor pools and in exceptional cases, we work for the indoor pools as well.

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Apart from the pool equipment, we provide equipment for spas and sauna. Spa equipment focuses on the sauna room and the steam room is especially designed of high-quality fibre and mixed chemical proof against cracks. It can stand high temperature up to 80C and works more than 120 hours. Constructed in doomed ceiling, prevents condensation for bathers with glass doors placed up with aluminium door frames and handles.


The other services including the Jacuzzi other accessories with high quality and with a vast range of products along with the preference of the high quality and durability of the equipment. The manufacturing of the swimming pool equipment is done in our unit to serve the utmost level of satisfaction.

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