Top Mount Valve Sand Filter

Top Mount Valve Sand Filter Manufacturer

A top-mount valve sand filter refers to the type of control valve configuration found on a sand filter used for pool or spa filtration systems. Sand filters are a common method of filtering and cleaning the water in swimming pools and spas, and they are effective at removing debris and impurities from the water. The "top-mount" aspect refers to the location of the control valve on top of the filter tank. In contrast, there are also "side-mount" sand filters where the valve is located on the side of the tank. Both configurations serve the same purpose, but the top-mount design is more popular in residential pool setups due to its ease of access for maintenance. This Top Mount Valve Sand Filter is ideal for most in ground and above ground pools for filtering sand and clearing the water. It is able to apply for some water feature including fishponds, fountains, and water gardens. It features flange clamp design, providing 360-degree rotation of the valve to simplify plumbing.

Advantages of Top Mount Valve Sand Filter

  • Easy & Low Maintenance
  • Simple Operation
  • Efficient Filtration
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reduces Water Usage